Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Drottningholm Palace and Park, part 2

           Walking further through the Drottningholm park I found myself in green walls, narrow corridors and numerous arches. Sculptures appeared unexpectedly when I walked along the alleys.

The purpose of the statues was to surprise a visitor by their unexpected appearance in a green area or as a focal point for a vista. Many fountains also were in this part of the park.

Then I came to the English informal garden.
The English garden section of Drottningholm was laid to the north of the Baroque garden and consists of two ponds, bridges, large open sections of grass and trees in groups. 

 Many walkways were made in this large part of the park. Most of the antique marble statues throughout the gardens were purchased by Gustav III from Italy. 

Since the palace and the park is located on a small island, it is surrounded by the Baltic Sea bays. When I got to the shore, I was amazed by beautiful views.

Gulls, geese, ducks, pigeons were flying and floating on the water. In the distance white yachts were visible. Bright blue evening sky completed the picture of peace and tranquility.

Here is my video about this park:

What style of such park do you prefer: formal, baroque or informal, English style ?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Drottningholm Royal Palace and Park

               Late autumn, here the weather is cold and rainy. Sometimes is sleet. At such moments, I recollect the warm and sunny days of this year. These memories are always pleasant and especially nice to look at the photos.
Today I want to tell you about my visit to the Drottningholm Royal Park in Stockholm, Sweden. It was September warm afternoon. 

Despite of St. Petersburg and Stockholm are not so far away and nature is very similar, however in Sweden there are a lot of cliffs and bays, small islands and lakes. 
On one of the small islands the Drottningholm Royal palace and the park is located. The palace was originally built in the late 16th century, served as a residence of the Swedish royal court. Apart from being the private residence of the Swedish royal family, it's a popular tourist attraction.

The palace has been the permanent residence of the present Royal family since 1981. In 1991 Drottningholm was the first Swedish attraction put on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

The oldest part of the gardens a Baroque garden flanked by thick tree avenues was created right outside the main palace at the end of the 17th century. There are many statues scattered throughout this area. Later the Baroque garden was neglected along with the rest of the grounds and was restored in the 1950s -60s.

A large terrace adjoins to the palace. I saw dahlias, asters, red leaved perennials that were planted at the other side of terrace wall. 

In the park a few urns of flowers were set, they were decorated with royal symbols.

There are many big and small fountains in the center of the front part. All trees and bushes were pruned, they reminded me artificial installations.

Then I noticed that other wall completes a front part of the park, along which small waterfalls are set. I liked their design and a pool shape.

If you're surprised that visitors of the park are not visible, I've written that the palace and the park is the permanent residence of the present Royal family and the tourists may walk along certain paths of the park.

I've made the video about this park:

To be continued....