Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Plants and Stones

Ten years ago planning my garden I wanted to set some big boulders between or near the planting area. There are many of  granite boulders in the woods around my summer cottage, that had been left by a glacier from the time it had gone. As I learned, one time Rock Gardens were usually designed to imitate native plants growing in natural stone outcroppings.

Today, though, rocks and boulders have become of using  in a naturalistic style to accentuate just about any kind of planting area, from bogs to a complex deserts. For these purposes some years ago I have found out the more traditional kinds of perennial for rock garden plants. These tend to be compact in size, many of them originated in the mountain regions of the world, and most of them have to be quite hardy. In one of last posts I've written about my small rock garden, so I continue to tell you how I use boulders in the garden.
I planted a lot of evergreens like a euonymus fortunei 'Emerald gold' and 'Gaiety', dwarf golden thuja, juniper,  Chamaecyparis Pisifera, rhododendrons. Between them several species of hostas and yellow flowering Potentilla grow.

I have chosen flowers for planting near stones:
Gypsophila, I love its spreading mat of greyish foliage, abundant clusters of white flowers from late Spring until early Summer grow near the pond. Daisy
and Geranium were planted near thuja and juniper.  Daisy has now been hybridized to include double flowering varieties in shades of white, pink, rose-red or purple 
Many species and varieties of Primula and annual Begonia are the best for planting near boulders. Bright green Sedum leaves covered with small, star shaped, red and golden flowers grow between stones as well. Saxifrage, an evergreen perennial that forms cushions of moss-like fine foliage and produces pretty, cream colored flowers, Periwinkle with blue flowers grow along the low stone wall that separates a bed and a lawn.

Some landscapers call rocks and boulders of "stone beads" in the gardens. I do not know whether they are right or wrong, but boulders help me to take care of flower beds, because of grass doesn't grow among the flowers and shrubs.

Do you use stones and boulders in your garden? What do you think they can take place in garden design?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mosaic for Monday: September

September is over...