Friday, 19 September 2014

Clematis of This Summer

            I want to tell you about my experience in clematis growth this summer and to think what has turned and what was unsuccessful.
In May, when clematis started to grow, I fed them 2 times with complete mineral fertilizer 15-15-15 (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium). First buds and flowers appeared on Clematis "'Rouge Cardinal", which grow near Actinidia. Since there was a lot of fertilizer Actinidia began also to grow and bloom beautifully, it leaves turn pink (
second photo, on the right)

On other
trellis clematises "Jakmani" and "'Rouge Cardinal" grow together. I used to read that it was not recommended to plant clematis close to each other, because they do not have enough place to feed on. I do not know whether it is so but clematis "Jakmani" began to blossom much later, it fell behind by 3 weeks. 

I think there is nothing wrong with that: firstly one of them was flowering then they were blooming at the same time and finally when one withered the another continued to blossom, and a trellis was covered with flowers from July to early September.
The other three clematises were transplanted to a new place in last year fall. In the spring, none of them showed signs of life. I dug up their roots and made sure that they were still alive after the winter, but the buds and leaves did not grow. What could I do?
I started to intensively spray growth stimulator the roots and dry stems of clematis "President", "Justa" and "Miss Bateman". 

As a result, in early June, "President" began to grow but did not blossom at all. A light blue Clematis "Justa" grew very low, about 30 cm, bloomed beautiful blue flowers in August. A white Clematis "Miss Bateman" is very moody, it firstly rose very tall and had some large white flowers in mid-August.

I like clematis very much. What experience do I have?
I realized that it is not helpful to replant clematis in autumn before cold winter, it greatly weakens a plant. Also it's better to plant clematis in a distance each other. 
On the other hand if you have warm climate and warm winter without snow, you probably can replant clematis at any time. And if you have little space in the garden, you probably can closely plant them.

What do you think about my experience? How do you grow clematis?

Friday, 12 September 2014

Monarda in My Garden

This year I grew two varieties of Monarda. This is red Monarda didyma hybrid 'Fireball' and Monarda 'Pink Princes' that is light-purple and a quite high plant. These plants are rare in northern gardens, are not very popular. 

 Although it's a modest plant I think it deserves more popularity. Common love for spicy flavoring herbs and other aromatic plants increased the interest in Monarda, as the leaves are very fragrant and the taste of Monarda leaves adding in a tea pot is similar bergamot (Earls Grey tea). 

I've noticed that not only people love Monarda flowers and leaves but they also are helpful for garden inhabitants. This plant produces a lot of honey nectar. I've found out that its quite decorative faded heads with seeds are useful for birds in winter. Birds peck seeds and insects hidden among the withered flowers.

All photos were taken in August

What variety of Monarda is growing in your garden? Did you taste tea with Monarda leaves? Thank you!

P.S. I'm on holidays now, I will answer all your comments when I come back!