Sunday, November 15, 2015

On the Lake

These are recollections of summer in November when the rain and wind is outside.  
My trip to the lake Vesijärvi (Finland) was in June. It wasn't hot, days were rainy and windy and I thought that sailing by a steamer should be postponed. But having seen such a wonderful steamboat with a wheel at the stern, I boldly climbed the gangway. Two sailors (they were the owners) warmly greeted passengers. I asked if waves were strong on the lake and a sailor assured me that the wind was not strong and the waves were not big.

The steamer frisky sailed from the pier and it was rocking a bit. But the lake shores were so beautiful, there were small cottages, sandy beaches, the city of Lahti ... And I forgot about my fears and enjoyed the views from the open deck.

Of course the weather prepared a surprise: a big black cloud had flown and rain started. I had to go down to the covered deck. A party was held there and people in a bar didn't pay attention to weather and nature. Only when heavy rain had finished the other photographers joined me.

We sailed ahead, the sun appeared, suddenly large and bright rainbow has hung over a lake and an island and passengers started taking pictures. So did I. It's said that if you're able to see both ends of rainbow then your dream come true. Do you believe it? Have you tried to photograph a rainbow?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: It Was an October Day

The road to my summer cottage