Friday, October 15, 2021

Hylotelephium Spectabile Or Sedum Spectabile

Today I want to tell you about a plant that I love for its simplicity and bright bloom in the fall, when many plants finish flowering in my garden.  

Let me remind you of this plant because I have no doubt that you all know it well.

The ice plant or Hylotelephium Spectabile is an old-fashioned perennial plant. Formerly called Sedum Spectabile, it is notable for the fall. The sedum is a succulent with fleshy leaves and flat, nectar-rich flower heads that are extremely attractive to late-flying butterflies and bees.

I grow Hylotelephium spectabile ‘Carl’ which has blue-green rosettes of foliage over which dense green buds form, opening in masses of tiny bright pink flowers.

Sedum or Hylotelephium Spectabile are solar perennials that are easy to grow and are a distinctive feature in late summer and fall. Sedum flowers look especially good in grass.

I want to add that this plant looks great from spring, because their foliage is attractive in itself. In the spring, the flower heads are green, and from August they bloom completely. You can cut off dry flower heads and display them in a vase for months.

Do you grow Hylotelephium Spectabile in your garden? What is your experience?



Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Pastel Paintings By Richard McKinley

Today I want to introduce to you, friends, an American artist who paints with pastels.  His name is Richard McKinley.

McKinley, now a renowned pastel artist, was born and raised in a small forest town in Oregon, USA. A fairly remote area with picturesque landscapes and in the immediate vicinity of Crater Lake National Park - a paradise for artists.

Pastel is a drawing or painting done with a soft, chalk-like pastel "stick" composed of powdered pigments. In appearance, the pastel stick essentially looks like a piece of chalk, although it is actually somewhat softer and smoother.

However, the charm of the landscape drew him outwards - and it was here that McKinley developed his own kind of artistry, capturing the fleeting beauty of nature, especially the fleeting qualities of light, water and sky.

In the open air, the artist often returns to the same place over and over again to put up his easel and paint the surroundings. "It's different. And the result is always different. My goal is to capture the spontaneous dance of light on the palette of nature,” says McKinley.

He became a teacher as well as a highly respected pastel artist known for his landscapes, created with an appreciation for the ever-changing, intricate tones of nature.

I first got acquainted with McKinley's work recently and I liked his paintings
especially the way he paints water, reflection. His works subtly convey the beauty of nature. Which picture did you like? 
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Friday, September 24, 2021

By the Shores of Baltic Sea

I love walking along the shore of the Baltic sea in any weather, except for rain :-) The shallow part of the Baltic sea is called the Gulf of Finland. The city of St. Petersburg is located by the gulf coast. 

In autumn, few people can be seen on the shores. Now the water is cold, the sand is damp, but this did not prevent those who like to walk along the coast to breathe in the fresh sea air.

It was windy that autumn day. The wind drove away light clouds and then blueness appeared on the sky and the sun sparkled, reflecting in the sea water. Waves rolled over the sand, bringing in seaweed and pebbles.


But suddenly heavy clouds appeared, which were ready to rain down. But it rarely rains over the Gulf and the clouds quickly drifted towards the city.

In such weather, there were many kite-boarding enthusiasts on the shore. They trained under the guidance of a coach. How beautiful these brave people looked, sliding along the waves on their boards and controlling their kites. I admired them. Ah, if I were younger ...

By the evening, the wind died down and the rays of the sun made their way through the clouds. Together with other walkers, I enjoyed the view of the water and sky.


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