Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring Sowings

Well, it is time to do the seeds for the summer garden. This spring I want to grow 'something new' or 'well forgotten old'. From 'well forgotten old' annuals I chose to grow Lobelia. This is a very capricious plant, because its sprouts are tiny, they are difficult to water - they can rot. Not every year I grow own Lobelia seedlings, more often I buy them.
I chose the Lobelia 'Emperor William' variety, where does the name of the variety come from? who knows...

Besides I'd like to grow my own Petunia seedlings. To tell the truth, last year I was lazy and bought already grown ones. This annual greatly simplifies the decoration of hanging baskets and flowerbeds. Petunia seeds are tiny and need (as recommended in YouTube) to plant 2-3 seeds in a pot. I decided to sow them in plastic disposable cups.
This is the Petunia 'Ampelous' variety mixture of different shades. I will have to light up all my seedlings at the evenings.

I also came to a decision to grow hot peppers when I saw a packet of seeds 'Indian Spear' variety. I immediately wanted to grow these 'spears' in my greenhouse. 'Indian Spear' pepper is narrow and long, of bright red color. I hope hot peppers aren't hard in growing. Do you have experience with hot pepper? What do you think? 

Flowers of Freesia brighten my home in March, because recently was one of the anniversaries of my marriage. Years fly and love patience and understanding help in life.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Pushkinia and Scilla

I want to tell you about small flowers grown in my garden, you might want to plant their bulbs and admire these babies in spring and early summer. They are Pushkinia (Puschkinia) and Scylla (Scilla), low perennial bulbous plants that bloom in early spring.
Scylla is a wonderful plant, for me is difficult to imagine a spring garden without it. Bright blue spots of Scylla look as fragments of the spring sky. The bluish, purple, white, pink flowers can be seen in a flowerbed or among shrubs in my garden.

After flowering, Scylla forms fruit with a small amount of black seeds. I do not advise you to collect them because the big bulbs also grow the small ones for reproduction.
My other favorite bulbous spring plant is Pushkinia, a lovely little plant with pale blue striped or almost white flowers. Flowers have a strong smell and attract a lot of bees and spring butterflies.

Several years ago I planted Pushkinia and Scylla in a shady place, but they grow well in sunlit beds. They are cold-resistant, I do not cover them for wintering.
In a small garden you can arrange the early spring flowers among  perennials. The blue and white colors of Scylla and Pushkinia will greatly adorn the mixborder, rocky garden, alpine hills, they are charming in the spring next to the stones. These small plants have a high decorative effect.

Do you love these bulbous plants? Where do you plant them? 


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Decorated Shawls and Scarves

Today I want to continue my story about my visit to the 'Scarves and Shawls' exhibition at the State Russian Museum and show you the exhibits of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Square scarf with embroidered sunflowers and leaves. Gold and silver threads.

In the 19th century, square scarves appeared the fabric was tightly covered with a flower pattern of brocade, silver or gold threads. A border and fringe arose on the edges of the shawl or scarf.

Square scarf with embroidered dahlias. Silver threads.

Square scarf with embroidered vine and grapes. Gold threads

Embroidered square kerchief with colorful pattern.

At the middle of the 19th century in Saratov in the estate of a landowner serf lace-maids worked. Lace scarves and shawls were decorated with rich flower ornaments, each of them had its own composition, color, the thinnest pattern.

At the beginning of the 20th century shawls of delicate goat down were knitted in the workshops. Such work required high skill and subtle artistic taste. To show the fineness of a knitted shawl, it was threaded into a ring.

At the same time woven shawls and scarves appeared, the pattern of woven flowers or petals sought to convey the charm of flowers.

The last scarf that I show has a pattern of St. Petersburg's stock exchange building. Now in the 21st century, it would probably be a beautiful souvenir for tourists and visitors of the city.

 Click to enlarge photos.

My video 'Shawls and Scarves'  - the song 'I've lost my ring':