Thursday, 24 April 2014

Elegant Fuchsia

          Many gardeners love fuchsia, but sometimes store-bought plant is immediately getting ill after flowering (as in my case) because hot and dry home air does not suit them. Fuchsia is a well known houseplant, and all summer it blooms well in open air or on the balcony. In winter it has be stored in a cool, bright place or on the balcony.
When I've been to Munich Botanic Gardens I saw many pots with fuchsias growing in the Conservatory. Mostly they were shrubs with large simple, semi-double and double flowers on long stalks. These photos I've taken there show that flowers are a combination of two colors. 


The upturned edges of the flowers give special grace to them. Petals of flowers often have a different color than the calyx, are purple, red, pink and white.
I love fuchsia, but growing them here in North is difficult, they love warmth, although there are varieties that are hardy to little freezing. I admire the fuchsias in Helene's garden, they are wonderful! She grows and propagate cuttings from spring to autumn. 


I'd like to plant one or two fuchsias in garden pots and enjoy their blooming during summer in my garden. But I'm afraid I won't be able to store them in winter time.
Did you ever grow some fuchsias? Was your experience successful? What varieties of fuchsias do you have in your garden or home?
Thank you!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Keukenhof in Bloom

The garden Keukenhof (The Netherlands) is pretty big. Aside from numerous flower beds with tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and muscari I liked the blossoming trees and shrubs there. In April, the trees in our area are not yet in bloom. So blossoming trees in the park were great. Look at the blooming apple and plum trees:

The gardeners of Keukenhof show apple trees growing the "espalier" style, a very interesting way of growing. Some young apple trees and plum trees grow in my garden for 3 years, I will try to make  the "espalier" style, fasten their branches the same way on wires.

Several pavilions are in the park, the exhibitions of flowers and blossoming shrubs are held there. Please, look how bright these bouquets are:


In another pavilion the exhibition of lilac and viburnum was. Very beautiful shrubs, especially with double flowers. My lilacs are ordinary shrubs and I would like to have any of these varieties.

Then I went to see the Japanese garden. Before entering a large 'sakura' (Japanese cherry) was flowering. Great, I had not seen 'sakura' in blossoms before! In the Japanese garden beautiful magnolia and maple was growing near the stones.

I looked at the blooming magnolia and imagine how my little magnolia will be in bloom in a few years.
In the alley I saw flowering camellia and immediately recollected "A Lady with Camellia" by Alexandre Dumas. Also there were rhododendrons that have started to bloom. But not all rhododendrons yet, probably in May they will amaze visitors with their flowers.

Do you ever grow an apple tree  the "espalier" style? I need you advice! 
Do you have some double lilac or viburnum in your garden? Thank you!

Happy Easter and Good Friday!