Monday, June 25, 2012

Blooming Monday

   Many plants and flowers bloom in these warm days of June in the Northern garden.
I often talk to flowers and praise them for their bright blooms. Of course begonia is commendable
 and small flowers of Saxifraga look like a pink cloud.
 My Canadian Rose "Therese Bugnet" is covered with violet-pink buds.
First open flowers of Daylily in backyard
 Aquilegia is bent over my pond
 Lonicera caprifolium grows on the trillis
The Cerastium with small white flowers blooms in mixborder,
bright red buds of Chaenomeles opened  near the arbor.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh, Kalinka, Kalinka...

    It's wonderful midsummer day! 

What plants are in bloom in the northern garden? Viburnum (Kalinka) is flowering, its small flowers that  bear berries are in the center and the other medium flowers at the edges attract bees for pollination.

 This is my first clematis, poor thing, it was slightly damaged by the snails.

I have grown hang-downing begonia and pelargonium at home. They feel great in my garden now.

I am looking forward to the first buds of Canadian roses, am pleased that have bought two varieties of these roses: "Martin Frobisher" and "Therese Bugnet",  they are very hardy and undemanding. Now the first buds appeared on the rose v. "Therese Bugnet".

Decorative alliums appear in different places of the garden.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Maple, picture of the Day

              My favorite maple is v. Acer palmatum 
            I was glad that my favorite maple survived the winter well.
            Its frosted branches started to grow in the spring.
           Now there are new leaves, young leaves are red,  then the leaves become bronze-green.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shrubs in my garden

There are many shrubs in my garden, they grow well, already have flowers, buds and small berries.

My spiraea grey "Grefsheim" dresses in a white, grows near the front door, it's so beautiful!

There are flowers and first berries on the black currant bush now.

The small yellow flowers appeared on Elaeagnus argentea and on Lonicera floribunda , they smell very nice.

The Liana Celastrus orbiculata will soon be in blossom, I like its red-orange berries in autumn and winter.

There are new buds on Liana Actinidia. I hope there will be berries-kiwi, although they had not been the last year.

My spirea "Golden flame" with dark red leaves grows near Physocarpus opulifolius "Diabolo" variety.

Every spring I buy and plant new shrubs and I have plans for the next spring as well. I'd love to have some more lilac and viburnum.