Monday, August 27, 2012

Hi There, It's Me!

Hi there, it's me, Wood Warbler!

I will soon fly away to the warm countries, and should be good to eat more before the flight.
I ate all Sea buckthorn berries and now I need to look for worms.

Oh, people are digging the ground near the fence.
I have to look for tasty worms here!

There is nothing...

 Ah,  here is a worm!
And where is the napkin?

I would prefer posing for a picture in my profile.
Now I have to clean my feathers.

I'll relax under that blackcurrant bush.
It's all, folks! Bye!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Flowers and Fruit

Mid-August, the flowers still bloom, fruit ripen, becoming juicy. 
It often rains, the sun seldom appears, the temperature is lowering.
 In my garden roses bloom the second wave, are not afraid the rain and chill.

Bluehead (Еryngium), Lobelia, Hydrangea "Lime Light", Potentilla, Stonecrop (Sedum) and Echinacea delight the eye with their colors.

Finally lilies and daylilies began to blossom.

High Impatiens and white dahlias grow next to the Tuya.


Sea buckthorn fruit also grow. These yellow berries are full of vitamins, but are sour.
 Apples grow, redden. I always wonder how can 5 or 6 apples  grow in one place of thin branch ?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hedgehogs In The Garden

By  Angela Wybrow

 I went outside to retrieve the washing one night;
It was dark, apart from a glimmer of moonlight.
Suddenly, I was aware of a very strange sound.
Feeling rather worried, I began to look around.
To my surprise, I saw two hedgehogs there;
Busy searching for their food, without a care.
Gone were my former feelings of anxiety and fright;
They were swiftly replaced with joy and sheer delight.

 I stood and watched the two hedgehogs in total awe,
As I’d never been that close to a live hedgehog before.
 I had absolutely no idea that these creatures roamed,
Unseen by me, each night, so very close to our home.

I regaled the hedgehog with milk  but he did not like itThe hedgehogs went to look for other food.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Flower Lady

My Flower Lady  (The Gladiolus)

I liked her
To the sword-shaped leaves
Of the gladiators favorite flower
The six feet tall Gladiolus
But know this
The long and narrow
Angles of her beauty
Are sharper than any sword
And have pierced
My sight
Causing incurable infatuation
With her beauty
She is the world’s
Sharpest flower
And when she blooms
Deeply her beauty slices into my soul

By Handsum-Hart

These beautiful gladiolus bloom in my garden in August, the last summer month.

Monday, August 6, 2012

August harvest

August is the last summer month in the North. The berries and vegetables ripen, it's time to collect them.
Ripe redcurrant berries already crumble from their branches.
I've collected two bowls of red- and blackcurrant and cooked redcurrant berries jelly
The cold jelly is very thick and does not drop from a spoon.  
Here is the recipe: 1 liter of currant juice + 1 kg of sugar, boil 10 minutes and put hot jelly in a jar. 
I cook the blackcurrant  jelly by the same way. 
Raspberries also began to ripen.
There are the carrots and different varieties  of squash, white, yellow and green. Carrots are not long, but very sweet. I love to fry squash with carrots and tomatoes.
These tomatoes are v. Cherry, a lot of them are on the plants and these still ripen in the box, and then I'll make tomatoes for a breakfast.
The cucumbers grow in my greenhouse, they are two v., with prickles and smooth. 
I like to make pickles adding black currants and horseradish leaves, dill, cloves of garlic.

I've got helpers in my garden. The first bird has arrived to help me in the greenhouse.
Then another one began to look for the seeds of radish, which I planted two days ago!
After the work is well to sit by the pond and to see the sky reflected in the water.