Friday, January 22, 2021

January Pictures


I tried to make such shots in which there would be something that makes you look closely at the picture. It could be last year's leaf, surprisingly preserved on a birch branch, dried red Ligularia flowers with snow caps. 

A strange deep blue winter sky reflected in the unfrozen stream. Icicles first appeared this winter. The days were not cold and snow began to melt during the day. 

Today is my birthday. Time flies by, Life goes on. On this day  I am used to meeting  with my family and friends, but this year it is not possible.  Therefore today I want to indulge myself to something tasty, a piece of cake and a glass of red wine.


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Greeting Cards By Jim Mitchell

Today I want to introduce you, friends, to the artist and the author of many Christmas greeting cards.

Jim Mitchell is an English based illustrator specializing in greeting cards and children's illustration. He was born in Stoke on Trent, in a family settled in a Staffordshire country village. As a child Jim liked wandering round woods and ditches with a pointed stick and bow and arrow.
His father was a ceramic transfer artist which he found a personal inspiration.

Jim did a degree in Graphics and Illustration. He usually works in watercolour with gouache over the top, coloured pencil over the top and then pastel over the top, but what he finds most important is starting with an understanding of the subject.

He now lives in Dorset with his wife and two grown up daughters. Jim also enjoys collecting old toy soldiers as well as armor and antique weapons.


I loved the Christmas scenes in London, the pretty snowy houses and the shining Christmas trees. Perhaps you have sent postcards made by Jim Mitchell to your family and friends.

Yesterday we celebrated the Russian 'Old New Year'. What is this?

 So 2021 has undoubtedly come :-) Happy Old New year!



Friday, January 1, 2021

The New Year's Day In The Garden


The New Year 2021 has come, the days are lengthening the sun is now shown more often. Yesterday I went to look at my garden. Snow lay on the lawn on the patio on the frozen pond. The greenhouse was also frozen.   

I decided to check how my roses have been surviving under the cover. 


I opened the plastic and was surprised - there were blossoming buds on one rose near the tall thuja. This thuja grows North to the rose bush and protects it well from the frosty wind.


The pine-nivaki winters well and is not at all afraid of the cold.  Roots of the pine-nivaki are not deep and rather short, but this does not affect its hardiness.

The appearance of these roses upset me. 


They have had frozen leaves and frozen stems.  Even one frozen bud. Poor things! Not sure if they'll be alive in the spring. I think I should have removed the leaves from them in the fall.


I also wanted to see how my rhododendrons have hibernated so far. Last winter I came to the conclusion that there was no need to cover them. 

So last fall, I just pulled their branches a little closer to the main trunk so that the bush would not be broken by snow.

How are your plants outside or inside? Is the winter cold or wet in your place? 

I heartfelt wish you a Happy New Year, may it brings you and your loved ones joy and health.