Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Watercolors. Autumn 2023


Autumn field

In the park

In the park

Cold day

In the park

These watercolors were painted in October. I hung them on a stand and corrected them, added to them... in general, I tried to bring them to the point where I could show them to you. And then I scanned and edited the size of the paintings by cutting off the edges of the white paper.


Lonely maple  

These watercolors capture my impression of the fall colors; I am always amazed at how brightly colored the leaves of the trees are in October, and how the color of the water and sky changes on a cold day.
October day
The October days were quite cold +4C, I made sketches in the park or photographed the landscape. When I got home, I started painting. 
I want to say that I bought new paints in tubes. They are made on the basis of gum arabic, which gives them greater brightness and they do not dry out on the palette for a long time.  
You might like some of my new works, I'm still learning and grasping the intricacies of watercolor technique.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

"Autumn" By Vitaly Bianki


"...Autumn has already come to the forest. At first, when all the leaves were painted in bright colors, it was very beautiful. Then the angry winds blew. They tore off yellow, red, brown leaves from the branches, carried them through the air and threw them to the ground.

Soon the forest thinned out, the branches were exposed, and the ground beneath them was covered with colorful leaves.
Every now and then flocks of long-billed sandpipers and unprecedented ducks suddenly appeared from somewhere. 


They stopped at a river, in swamps; During the day they feed, rest, and at night they fly further - in the direction where the sun is at noon. Flocks of marsh and water birds were flying from the far north.
Now new guests arrived from the northern forests every day: winter was already beginning there.


In October, angry winds blew, but it did not always rain: there were also fine, dry and clear days. The cool sun was shining welcomingly, saying goodbye to the falling asleep forest. The leaves that had darkened on the ground then dried out and became hard and brittle. In some places there were mushrooms peeking out from under them..."

I found for you an excerpt from a story "Autumn" by Russian writer Vitaly Bianki  (1894 -  1959), he was a popular Russian children’s writer and a prolific author of books on nature.

What's your Autumn weather like - warm or rainy? Are strong winds blowing or is summer still extended?