Monday, October 31, 2022

Water And Clouds


I always like to look at the clouds passing overhead. How do they form and where do they go? I used to think (I remembered from a school textbook on natural science) that clouds consist only of water vapor (gas). So I decided to find out what meteorologists say about clouds.


“Clouds form when there is too much water vapor in the air. The water vapor (gas) then condenses into water and the droplets are so small that they remain suspended in the air.


It is this group of small water droplets suspended in the air that becomes visible as the cloud we see.


A cloud consists of a large number of drops. If it passed over the lake, then there is more water vapor in the air, and it forms a large cloud".

Do you like to watch passing clouds? What thoughts do you have when looking at them?
These photos helped me learn more about the nature of clouds.


Sunday, October 23, 2022

October In Red And Yellow


by Elsie N. Brady

How silently they tumble down
And come to rest upon the ground
To lay a carpet, rich and rare,



Beneath the trees without a care,
Content to sleep, their work well done,
Colors gleaming in the sun.

At other times, they wildly fly
Until they nearly reach the sky.
Twisting, turning through the air


Till all the trees stand stark and bare.
Exhausted, drop to earth below
To wait, like children, for the snow.



Elsie N Brady was born on July 19, 1904. She died on September 15, 1990 at 86 years of age.  Elsie N Brady had been residing in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Hope you like this poem. 

Stay well and safety.