Thursday, February 23, 2017

Watching the 2017 Catalogs

When one is watching new plant catalogs it means the spring isn't far away. Looking at the plants that are in my wish-list I can imagine one or three of them in combination with other plants in my garden.

Here are amazing clematis. I think I'd buy them all but I have to remember to purchase only hardy varieties, and of course the pretty ones.  I especially love white and blue colors, these ones I lost in previous winter. Perhaps I'd order white one and blue one.

The next page rhododendrons are. 

They are beautiful, but I see their hardiness is less than -25 C (-5 F). The Hachmann selection seems doesn't suit to our climate. What a pity! If I buy this purple one I have to cover it every fall yet no warranty it overwinters well.

I prefer low conifers.  Spruce Canadian Echiniformis is the best one (on the left), lovely shape. I'd plant it near the patio or the pond... 

Here are trees. This acer palmatum looks beautifully yet it needs to be planted in a big garden. One evening you come out and see a bright red spot between other trees and spruces, what a picture!

Do you love watching catalogs? And do you order some plants or prefer to buy them in a nursery?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Garden and Orchids in Mid-February

It seems winter comes to an end, the sun fairly often appears in the sky and temperature gets up to 0 C..+5 C (30...40  F). Last weeks I had not been able to visit my garden as frequently as I wanted, because of my illness, therefore I've enjoyed seeing the garden in mid-February.

Just having arrived at my garden I've sat on the terrace enjoying sun rays. The weather was a present of the nature, since beginning of February the days were cloudy and grey.  Look at my pines - bonsai, every needle shines in sun light.

The rest of the last year apple is keeping on the branches, I think this winter birds eat a lot of apples left on trees. Besides, the neighbors feed them as well.

Although snow still covers the garden, it melts in some spots. I noticed a jay eating seeds fallen from a feeder. I did fed the birds in my last visit yet much time has passed when I did this. I've found the sack with seed and  filled out the feeder.


This juniper is bathing in warmth. Its long green branches hang over the snowy heap, that actually is not a heap - it's roses covered with special cloth and snow.

Now lets come back in a warm living room and have a look at my home blooming plants.
I grow some orchids for years. Some of them bloom and others don't. What is wrong with them? I try to maintain my orchids as it's said and written on the net and books. Therefore a week ago I have been pleased seeing new buds and blossoms on my Phalaenopsis.

Last month I have had a nice gift on my birthday, it's an orchid Dendrobium. It's a new one for me. I will learn to care of it, they said it's enough a capricious and very pretty orchid!

If you have an experience in growing orchids, share with me, please. 
I hope my garden will change in March, when the sun is warmer and snow disappears. 
Here is my first forced tulip starts blooming.

Regarding my spring plans I want to start seedlings and have already prepared good soil and fresh seed. What are your plans for spring?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Lilium


I love lily at home in winter time.
Have a nice week, fellows bloggers!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Winter Pictures by Andrey Repnikov

Looking at the paintings by Russian artist Andrew Repnikov it seems that it is a set of old postcards. They are landscapes, situations, views. At the same time one could say that Repnikov's works are folkloric and very modern too.
Repnikov never learned the art. He is as they say, a nugget. He paints Russian landscapes and urban views, monasteries and palaces, people and streets. 

However, people fell in love with his series of humorous pictures.

I've chosen some Repnikov's winter pictures to introduce you to him, the first ones are urban and nature landscapes and then some humorous pictures.

These 'postcards' by the nugget Andrey Repnikov to my friends bloggers! 
What picture would you like to choose?