Sunday, March 24, 2024


 I am growing an indoor variety called Asparagus aethiopicus, which is usually grown as a houseplant. This is a plant with bright green feathery foliage. 


Asparagus is a heat-loving perennial plant closely related to the common edible garden asparagus. In hot climates, the plants are hardy outdoors, but are often grown as houseplants, in containers or hanging baskets. 


I always water the plant well to keep it bushy and I love the lacy foliage. Asparagus does well in dappled shade, although it can be adapted to more light, away from direct sunlight. To do this, I shade the plant from the sun with a thin curtain. 



At any time of year, asparagus may produce small flowers followed by mildly toxic berries. The flowers are faintly scented and have yellow stamens. The shape of the flowers is beautiful.  

Do you grow asparagus inside or outside? Is your plant blooming?


Friday, March 8, 2024



I have two varieties of cannas growing in my garden. Canna is a very showy, powerful plant with lush leaves and beautiful brightly colored flowers. Canna leaves come in red with bronze hues and striped leaves. In my garden, the cannas begin to bloom in the greenhouse, then I plant them in large tubs. After frost, I move the canna tubs from the greenhouse to the pond. They usually bloom from July until frost.




For the winter, I remove the canna roots with a clod of earth. I keep them in a dry place, lightly layering them with earth or sand. The temperature during storage of canna roots is maintained within 10 -15 C. They need to be examined and watered a little.





Now in March I took out the canna roots from storage and there are small sprouts. I placed the bucket with sprouted cannas in a bright place. This is how I prepare them for flowering in the summer. 



Happy Women Day!