Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Artificial Neural Networks

There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and neural networks. I saw the drawings that the ANN made on Sara's blog and I liked it. 

I wanted to know how to find this neural network and how to manage it. It turned out it wasn't all that difficult.  

Wikipedia knows everything. "Artificial neural networks, usually simply called neural networks or neural nets, are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains. An ANN is based on a collection of connected units or nodes called artificial neurons, which loosely model the neurons in a biological brain".  

There they explained to me the principle of the ANN. There they explained to me the principle of ANN operation (I didn’t really understand, but it doesn’t matter :)) 

Task: sun, trees, snow

 “Such systems “learn” to perform tasks by looking at examples, usually without programming rules for specific tasks. For example, in image recognition, they can learn to identify images containing "trees" by analyzing examples of images that were created by hand. They do this without any prior knowledge of trees. Instead, they automatically generate identifying characteristics from the examples they process."

Task: yellow leaves, blue sky, bare branches

I decided to play with the neural network so that it draws pictures for me. First, I wrote a task of words and clicked "send" and got the drawings that I show here.

Task: blue sea, white ship, sun

Task: park, trees, red flowers, bed


Task: river, fisherman



Task (specially for David): grey plover, snowy egret, brown pelican, tit, flycatcher, tree

What do you think, is there a future in the development of a neural network? Where can artificial intelligence be used?


Monday, April 17, 2023


The beginning of the month was snowy. The paths in the garden were covered with snow, as if they had not been cleared all winter. The temperature during the day does not rise above +3 C, and at night it is minus. 

The ice on the Neva and large lakes, in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea began to melt. Vessels pass along the bay in St. Petersburg. Ice floes break off and float into the sea. This upsets ice fishing enthusiasts, because they can swim away on an ice floe. 

Rescue hovercraft are constantly on duty in St. Petersburg, they remove the unfortunate fishermen from the torn off ice floes and take them to the shore. In early April, the fishermen were rescued along with the dog and their equipment, they sailed on an ice floe into the Gulf of Finland and into the sea. I don't understand how adults can be so reckless about their lives?

83 рыбака спасли с отколовшихся льдин в Финском заливе. Фото: МЧС России


internet photos


April 16 was Orthodox Easter. TV showed the night service in the church. Many people make or buy "Kulich" at the supermarkets. This is such a sweet cupcake with raisins and marzipan. People also paint eggs in different colors, it is an art to decorate them with beautiful patterns. I sometimes dye eggs, put them in water with onion peel and boil for 10-15 minutes so that they turn darker.


Very little can be photographed in the garden, while the snow lies on the flower beds and on the lawn. In the sun, where the earth warmed up, crocuses and white flowers (Leucojum vernum)  appeared. These simple early flowers surprise every spring. They are very hardy and bright.

Surprisingly, peonies were also frost-resistant. Their pink-red stems appeared on thawed patches in the snow. I removed the shelter from the peonies, let them bask in the sun.  

Buds of future flowers increase on rhododendrons. They also overwintered well. Roses that wintered in the greenhouse began to grow. The first leaves appeared on the trunks. Probably soon they will begin to grow and bloom.

What made you happy in April?


Friday, April 7, 2023

The Greenhouse Of the Botanical Gardens

The Prague Botanical Garden is located on a picturesque hillside in the Troy area. Outdoor exhibits include the Japanese Garden with blooming rhododendrons, peonies and delicate Japanese cherries, as well as the North American Prairies, the Ornamental Garden and the Mediterranean Sea area.

I especially wanted to visit the garden's greenhouse, which is called Fata Morgana. There I made a two-hour trip around the world. 

I could discover exotic gems of the rainforest - amazing flowers and bushes, see foggy forests with orchids and carnivorous plants, and plants from the most arid regions of the world. There I heard the sound of an impressive waterfall and saw fish from tropical rivers and lakes.

I realized that the organizers achieved their goal - to create a modern world-class botanical garden. I had a wonderful time walking around the greenhouse and botanical garden.