Sunday, February 18, 2024

Birds In February

Several species of birds winter in my garden. They are frost-resistant and have learned to get food when there is a lot of snow and in severe frosts. They are saved from low temperatures by dense layers of fat and fluffy plumage that retains heat. They suffer not so much from frost as from a lack of food to generate heat.


great tit


In the garden and adjacent forest, I photographed siskins, redpoll bullfinches, tits, nuthatches, and waxwings. They love sunflower seeds, watermelon and melon seeds and pieces of unsalted lard.




When I put sunflower seeds in the feeder, I try to crush it slightly, then the great tits and little tits eat it well. Watermelon seeds are too hard for great tits in severe frosts. What bird species live in your garden or near you?



My video about the garden bird feeder.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Winter Poem


The short midwinter days are here,
The nights are frosty now and chill—
The solemn midnight of the year—
The snow lies deep on vale and hill.
No longer runs the stream let nigh,
The ice has bound its waters fast;
An Arctic wind is sweeping by,
The bare trees shiver in the blast.


The icy northern blast sweeps by,
From wild wastes of the Arctic snow;
Above us drops a wintry sky,
A bleak white landscape lies below.

But, 'neath the chilly Polar blast,
A low, sweet undertone I hear:
"The wintry storms will soon be past,
And pleasant Spring-time days are near." 

By Ellwood Roberts (January 22, 1846 - January 30, 1921), he was an American poet and genealogist.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Winter Forest


Beautiful winter landscapes in the forest. 

My new video was filmed on one very cold January day.

Today is my birthday. Another year, the years fly by...



Take care, my friends. Thank you for your comments.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

January, 2024

 Happy New Year, fellow bloggers! May it bring you good luck, happiness and the fulfillment of your desires: new travels, new plants, beauty in the garden and everywhere around you.

  As always I went to the garden, to look at nature and how things were going in the garden. The days were not frosty, there was no wind and I had a good time on a January day. On the way to the garden, I noticed that the dark bare branches of the trees look graphic against the background of white snow. Some bushes were heavily snow-covered and their branches bent towards the ground.

In the garden, the paths had to be cleaned first; it was not convenient to walk in the snow. Not far from my garden I usually feed the birds. To do this, I brought pork lard from the city, with skin and without salt. Birds peck it with pleasure on frosty days.

Of course, I wanted to see how my plants overwinter in the greenhouse. But getting there was also not easy. The path and greenhouse were covered with snow and there was also snow on its roof.

I cleared all the snow and hardly opened the door - it was frozen to the threshold. It was warmer inside than outside, the plants had leaves, the buds had withered. This is a "Sea Foam" rose, it blooms with numerous white buds.


In January the days are longer but the sun is still low on the horizon. Soon I had to get ready to go home to the city. 

What are you doing in the garden in January? Is there snow or has it already melted?

My new video 'summer - 23'