Sunday, June 26, 2022

My Watercolors, May-June 2022



Ukrainian village

Lavender field

Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island


Lake scene

Early morning 

A Peaceful coast

 Pleasant moments at the sea
A beach cabin
A hot day on the river
A peaceful place
 Mom and child

Scotland landscape

Scottish loch

A garden ruin
Here are my works drawn in May - June. They show the peaceful calm life of every day.   
I started learning to draw flowers. It turned out to be a difficult job, but here are the first:

Perhaps you will like one of my pictures. Feel free to ask me sending you a high resolution printable file of it. 
I would be glad.
Happy days in your gardens and travels. 
More my watercolors on  this video:

Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Legend of Dicentra

This plant is quite popular with gardeners all over the world.


The scientific name of this unusual flower is Dicentra, which is translated from Greek as “double spur” - if you look closely, you can see two spurs on the sides of the flower. Due to its unusual colors, the Dicentra appears in various legends, and it has different names. 

 In France -     "Zhannette's heart", 

in Russia -       "Broken heart", 

in Poland -       "Lady's slipper", 

in Holland -      "Dutch pants", 

in Germany -    "Lady's pendant".

in UK ans USA - "Bleeding heart" 

The French have a legend about the beautiful girl Jeannette.

One day, going into the forest for berries, the girl got lost. Carefully she tried to get out of the thicket - the path seemed to be gone. She was completely exhausted and dozed off in a clearing, when suddenly, a hunting dog jumped out into this clearing. And behind him rode a beautiful young man on a horse, who put the girl on his horse and took her to the outskirts of the village where she lived. At parting, he kissed young Jeannette tightly, and she immediately fell in love with her savior.  

After this incident, she daily dreamed of meeting him, and at the end of the week she finally saw - a magnificent wedding procession was riding through the village - Jeannette's savior flaunted on a horse in front, and his beautiful chosen one rode next to him. Jeannette's heart broke from grief, and an unusual Dicentra grew in the place where it happened.



There are 20 types of Dicentra, the color of flowers also varies - there are white flowers, yellow, pink, and dark red.
By planting Dicentra in their front garden, gardeners not only decorate it with beautiful flowers, but also, possibly, contribute to their happiness.

Do you grow this plant in your garden? What does this mean for you? 


Saturday, June 4, 2022

May Is Over

May is over, a month that I have been waiting for all winter.  But it disappointed me, because until May 10th the nights were cold and the daytime temperature did not exceed +12 C. All plants seem to have stopped waiting for heat.

Later it turned out that some tulips froze and died, but after May 20, the rest of them bloomed in different places. My favorite muscarI (grape hyacinth) bloomed well.

Waiting warmth, plants began to gradually show leaves and flowers on May 24. Temperatures went up to +15 C. Therefore, there were more blooming plants in the garden as Primula, Bergenia, Dicentra, Bellis, Trollius.

Fruit trees were just beginning to open their flowers up to May 26. Here are cherry, plum tree and crab apple tree, currant bush.

This rose pleases me. It's a floribunda that wintered in a greenhouse and now feels good. New leaves sprout under the sun rays.  At the end of May we had +21 C !



Temperatures at night became +9 +10 C and I decided to hang flowerpots on the terrace. Petunias and carnation are blooming here. 

This mahonia bush is in bloom right now. Yellow flowers become dark-blue berries. I'm glad it is OK because it was completely covered with snow.

Hopefully June will be warmer, veggies and flowers will grow fast. All the best to you!