Monday, July 29, 2019

The End of July: Harvest Ripens

I love July, especially when berries start to ripen they are black and red currants, gooseberries red and green, which are very sweet. Therefore I need to choose a warm morning, but without rain to start picking berries. Here is black currant picked and in jam.

In rainy days I work in the greenhouse. It's warm and dry there, the vegetables ripen day by day. I planted peppers for the first time and now I look at how large and green they get. To say true, they had to be of a different variety. But I still like them.

For the first time I also grow Beef variety tomatoes, they are large and I am afraid they won't have enough warm days to blush on the branches. So I'll laid them to ripen at home. Have anyone done  this?

Cucumbers grew well in June and July, and probably in August they will finish. I often made salads with cucumbers and greens, I love this salad. Squashes are just starting to ripen and the smallest ones are ready to be frozen for winter and I also put them in veggie soup.

What crop do you have in your vegetable garden? Do you buy organic veggies? 
Here are my flowers that bloom and glad me.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mid-July in My Garden

It's pretty warm summer, I love it. The plants enjoy sun and rare rains, need often to be watered. And also I do weeding, fighting with snails, aphids etc.
I took some photos of my favorite roses, irises, columbines, gladioli, petunia, impatiens, clematis. Take a look, perhaps you have similar flowers in your own garden.

Climbing rose 'Flammentanz'

Yellow columbines and tujas


Petunias & impatiens in hanging pots

Iris sibirica


David Austin roses, unknown variety

Clematis 'The President'

Shady place

Clematises 'The president' and 'Justa'

Rose 'Summer time'

 It's all for now, happy gardening to all, good weather and health!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Veggies & Berries in the Garden

It is good to have fresh greens for lunch in the garden. These are organic products. I always know what I water and feed the vegetables.
Today I want to show you what kind of vegetables I grow in the garden, in greenhouse and in raised beds, so it is easier for me to weed and water greens. Although I found a small place for them.

Lettuce and green onion

Pepper and tomato


Lettuce "Oak leaf' variety and coriander




Of course, zucchini, pepper and squash have not yet grown big, but I always have salad of lettuce, green onion, parsley, coriander and small cucumbers for lunch. 
Berries ripen day by day. I have bushes of gooseberry, black and red currant. 


black currant

red currant

Do you grow any organic veggies and berries ? What do you prefer?