Monday, May 23, 2016

Sea, Sun and Pines

It was a week of holidays in May: the 1st was the Day of Working people, and the Orthodox Easter was on May,1st too. Then it was 9th, the Victory Day. Thus many people were on vacation until May 10. The weather fully complied to leisure: warm and windless days (+20..+18 C) and cool nights (+9 C). 
I also decided to relax on the shore of the Baltic Sea bay, as in the garden trees have leafed and tulips were in blossom.
I often come to the gulf, I enjoy a walk along the shore, looking at the water, at the small fish running after food.

High and low sandy dunes well protect from strong winds on the coast. Pines do not grow tall because of the wind blowing during cold winter months. In the warm spring and hot summery days I like sitting under pines breathing their resinous scent and to watch the sea. That day water was calm and transparent.

Other people shared my desire for a walk along the shore, they came with children, dogs, in couples. Many seagulls flew and swam there, probably garbage that melted ice left over attracted them.

A small river Sestra runs into the bay, it flows in the middle of the stone ridge, and there I saw a fisherman, perhaps the fish was in the river.

Where do you usually rest when gardening is over or yet didn't start?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

GBBD in Mid-May 2016

Finally the weather is warm +20 C (65 F) ! The most unpretentious and simple flowers and fruit trees are in bloom. Here they are.
Red apple tree and Blackthorn tree: 

Tulips are in bloom too, anemones already opened their flowers

Dicentra eximia blossoms. My other Dicentra spectabilis isn't yet flowering. White fritillaria appeared near roses that perhaps didn't survive.

Like fragrant violet, Vinca minor is the first that blossoms in spring, but few people pay attention to it. I think Vinca minor is very invasive and I always keep an eye how wide it grows.

Poor little mahonia, it was almost frozen and lost many of its branches, only two are green and in bloom now.

And now good news. The magazine "Suburban Club" published my article 'My Garden Style', about  the pond creation, water lilies and decorative bushes. My virtual garden exists more than 5 years on my blog and now it appeared in printed magazine, that anyone can have on his table. Here is a cover page, №5 May 2016: 

 These are pages 50 and 51 with my article and my photos.

Although editors love to remake original articles, in my case the article is almost completely kept and basic thoughts highlighted. I liked it.
What is blooming in your place? Do you enjoy spring weather?

Friday, May 6, 2016

Combination of Colors

When I visit various gardens I always pay attention to a combination of colors of plantings. I wonder as experienced gardeners create unity and balance of colors.
I have learned the color wheel and it was also very useful. Here are some examples of a wonderful combination of colors that you can see on the photos I had taken in Kensington garden, London.

In this garden there were shown various shades and intensities of colors. It's said red adds energy, yellow speaks of sunshine and friendliness. On the other hand, if one wants his/her garden to represent a cool place, so chooses blues, purples, pinks.

The eye is naturally drawn to a profusion of different shades. There in Kensington the gardeners showed that one can mix plantings with more intense colors. They combined dark red and green using variegated plants to bridge the two shades, or bright red with blue, or yellow with violet.

Once again, I payed attention to how white color was added as a lovely neutral. I often add silvery cineraria as a monochromatic color in rose beds. White is always a wonderful color to mix into any colored plants. However you might plant pinks, light reds, dark reds and maroons together.

Ultimately, your garden is a matter of personal taste.
I liked the advice 'Learn as much as you can and then feel free to experiment with a variety of plants. If something isn't working well in one place, you can always transplant it'.

If you're interested in what combination of color do I like best so this one: blue onions, violet veronica and green leaves (fifth photo).

Actually I rarely use color wheel, because if I plant perennials or bulbs in a combination of colors, maybe next spring some of plants won't survive. Years ago plantings with tulips and margaritas were unsuccessful.
Do you use color wheel when you plan something in your garden?