Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Fogotten Pietro Canonica

Today I would like to show some of the works by Pietro Canonica that I liked the most. He created many interesting sculptures that I saw at the Villa Borghese in Rome. 
Pietro Canonica was an Italian sculptor, he lived in 1869-1959.
Villa Borghese is a great place with buildings, cottages, sculptures, many plants and flowers, amazing ponds with fish and turtles. One of the buildings houses the Canonica's House-Museum. 
When Canonica gained big success he moving to Rome and participated in important national and international exhibitions in Milan, Venice, Paris, London, Berlin, St. Petersburg.
I was not familiar with this sculptor, and his works were a discovery for me. The pleasant discovery. Some of his works are devoted to portraits of famous people of Europe, of children of noble European families.

The Abyss, marble, 1909 
'The image of the two is a representation of passionate love that drags into its fatal vortex, the abyss. '

Princess  Irina Yussupov Romanov, bronze 1910

Mario, marble, 1920 

The Conquest of Smyrna, the Monument to Kemal Ataturk, bronze, 1932

The Month of March, marble, 1900

 William Arthur marquis of Tichfield, marble, 1904

St. Paul of Tarsus and a Crucified Christ, marble, 1920

Monument to emperor Alexander II of Russia with portraits and commemorative works, marble, 1904

Modesty, marble, 1920

Two monuments: Alpine soldier and the mule
to mountain warfare cops of the Italian Army, bronze, 1940

In 1937 Canonica managed to obtain the concession to renovate Villa Borghese. In exchange of the promise to donate his artworks to the city of Rome, he was allowed to use the historical building as home and studio, which he repaired and decorated at his own expense. It is believed that Canonica in his portraits was able to capture the psychology of the persons and fix them like in a firm photographic image.
What do you think about these works? Did you like something?

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Despite on human problem with new virus the nature pleases us: the sun, blue sky, new leaves and young plants. This April the seedlings delight me, they want to grow and bloom. They sprout well on the windowsill, bathing in sunlight through the window glass. The first photo is Brachycome, that is new to me. Last year I liked Brachycome ampelous little daisies. In February I had sown white and blue ones, now there are many thin green plants in plastic glasses.



My favorite late summer flowers are China Asters (Callistephus), I sowed mix of them. Asters grow well, are healthy and I hope to have many nice red, white, blue flowers in the garden.


This is one of three pots of Impatiens 'Tom Thumb' variety. I love them because they're strong and very colorful, having double flowers between leaves. The only one condition they need is to be plant in a shadow place.


The last one is Hellianthus, 'Teddy bear' variety. I'd like to plant them in a large tub to have bright yellow  bouquet. 

So here are my plans. But nobody knows when the world situation gets better. 
What are your plans for this spring and summer? What about your seedlings?

Stay safe and healthy, friends.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Roses Started Developing Early


Before the authorities ordered to stay at home, I was in the garden. What an amazing spring this year! After a warm winter, April came with daytime temperatures +7 C + 10 C. Roses delight me with their healthy appearance. They are one month ahead of past years. Green stems have many red buds, young leaves will appear soon. 

Rose bushes were sheltered from the winter cold, and even new leaves grew on some roses under the cover.

I pruned this rose very much in the fall because it was sick. I'm glad that buds appeared, it means it will grow well in the spring.

 Sure there are many new growths in your gardens. 
 How are your plants this spring?

The other day I bought three lampreys fish. The fish were ready to eat, fried with spices. I cut the fish into small pieces and warmed it up, added some onions and fresh parsley.
Some people do not familiar with lamprey. It lives in the sea or in rivers that flow to the sea. 
Do you love eating fish?

Take care and stay healthy!