Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rhododendrons in Bloom

Despite the protracted and cool spring nature feels the approach of summer. My evergreen rhododendrons started flowering. As usual rhododendron 'Pohjolan Daughter'('Northern Daughter') was the first to blossom. It's Finnish bred of rhododendrons, very hardy, noteworthy that its buds are deep pink and opened flowers are light lilac.

Deciduous azaleas have not yet unfolded buds. They always begin to bloom a little later than evergreen rhododendrons. Moreover, first flowers appear and then just leaves. Now you see 'Mandarin light', the red buds and leafless branches.

By the way the dark red azalea buds transform in orange-yellow flowers.

Here are my two latest purchases started to blossom. One is 'Nova Zembla' rhododendron, it blooms in full. The flowers are medium and in deep color, the bush is low and wide.

The second one is the evergreen variety 'Roseum Elegance', is too little and has deep pink buds.

Do you grow any rhododendrons? Are they easy of growth or do they need permanent care? Or maybe you just love looking at them in parks?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, Mid-May

This year spring is cold here and it seems that only the most courageous plants can bloom at temperature 
0°...+2 C (30 ..38 F ) at nighttime. These days coming to my garden I try to find some new sprouts, opened buds, new blooms, flowering berry bushes.
However it's a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, dear fellows. Although this spring is late, I show you plants and flowers that dared to blossom in the warmest and windless places of my garden. Here are primrose, their white and dark red small flowers appeared around large stones heated by the sun.

I must say new leaves and sprouts popped on berry bushes too, but the fruit trees are behind, still without greenness.  There are blackcurrant, redcurrant and gooseberry bushes in my garden.

Here are blackcurrant bushes, love their berries, especially in winter and below are

redcurrant bushes, their bunches of buds give tasty berries, I love them in jelly. The other bushes are gooseberry, look at their thorns, br br. I hate them but...the berries are sweet and juicy.

In the flowerbed near my garden barn the first hyacinths are blossoming,  they are protected from the north wind here. While I see the blue and pink, I planted white ones too, so I'll wait when they appear.

Near the patio behind the summer cottage wall the first tulips started blooming, yesterday when I took photos they had not yet opened their heads.

My new rhododendrons varieties 'New Zembla' and 'Cunningham White' are healthy, with buds, hopefully they will in bloom soon.

The little blue Chionodoxa is blooming second week in spite of the cold weather and north wind. Its bright blue flowers are seen everywhere.

Every spring low bulbous irises (Xiphium latifolium) appear next to tulips near the patio. And although they quickly fade, it's nice to see their dark blue or purple flowers with light bristles.
If you're not tired let's take a look at my greenhouse. Here are the plants transported last week. As you see they are well, even clematis 'President' continues flowering - what a nice flower!

New fresh sorrel grows there too, I'll cook sorrel soup soon :-)

I have some plans to redesign the front garden. There were two flower beds, one with Ligularias and another one was a small rock garden. There is an empty spot sowed with grass seeds instead of Ligularia. 

The renovation idea isn't yet materialized. I'm just thinking. Maybe you have any ideas or advice?

Since the first flowers appeared in mid-May, this means that the spring is too late here. Hopefully by the end of May more tulips, daffodils, hyacinths will blossom and bring the feeling that spring, although very short, has come to my garden. 
Has your garden blossomed now or is lagging this year? What plants did you like in May?
Have you new plans about your garden?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wordless Weekend: Mother-of-Pearl Flowers


It's the 8-sided table inlaid with mother-of-pearl flowers, 1650. I took these photos in the Rijksmuseum, Museum of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.  What an awesome work!