Monday, March 28, 2016

First Signs of New Spring

Yesterday was sunny and warm day, +12 C, although snow was still lying in the front garden. I noticed the first signs of coming spring, near a tuja a first daffodil sprouted.
Then I saw thick buds on a black currant bush. These bushes are the first in growing and blooming, giving a nice crop of juicy berries.

Rhododendron's buds wintered well, although I was afraid they could be broken by heavy snow. Looking at these buds it's hard to imagine wonderful flowers in May.

Look at this: the first flower is growing from the snow, wow! This is Leucojum vernum, small brave flower. They grow in different places of the garden, some years ago I divided bulbs and planted them everywhere.

I was upset looking at rose bushes, they were in bad condition, with black stems. But between them there were new crocuses, green and fresh.

Some perennials re-awakened too. Big evergreen Bergenia leaves were seen through the snow, in the vegetable garden some strawberry leaves appeared between snow and the brown soil

Here is Sedum, its tiny green leaves sprouted between old stems, I've never thought that sedum young leaves look like these with brown spots on them.

I've showed you just first signs of new spring, hope more warm days come soon. After all Mr Galilei said that our Earth 'yet it moves',  doesn't it?!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GBBD - March 2016

It's March, spring is in the city, snow has very quickly melted, there were two rainy nights and snow disappeared at all. But thin snowy blanket is still in the garden, melts at daytime and freezes at night.
Spring is on the windowsills at my home. Here are tulips grown in pots. They are three, the first one is in bloom, lovely red-yellow colors.  
For March 8th -Women Day - I bought a pot of primula, that was covered with buds. Look at it, primula is still blooming. Later I will plant it in the garden.

I forced some Pushkinia bulbs, it was my first experience with Pushkinia.  I wasn't hoping to see its flowers but it began to grow and nice light blue flowers have appeared. They are really vernal! When I see Pushkinia flowers I recollect the bed near a pond that in April is completely blue of blooming Pushkinia, Muscari and Scilla.

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day to all!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lacquer Flower Miniature

Lacquer miniature is a Russian folk handicraft of miniature painting which is made with tempera paints or multi-layer oil painting on the primed papier-mache surface with special lining. There are small treasure boxes, powder boxes, beads boxes, caskets, pens, brooches and etc. I discovered Lacquer miniatures in my childhood when I was given a small box for pens, it was unusual and covered with bright flower paintings. 

I often saw miniatures in souvenirs shops, they always amazed me. In this post I show you some of lacquer flower miniatures and lacquer miniatures 'three horse riding (troika)' painted on box lids and brooches.

Most of boxes have a black background on the outside and are covered inside with scarlet or bright-red lacquer. Some boxes have elaborate gold or silver ornamentation applied in fine lines throughout the painting. Intricate decorative borders often cover the surface of the lids and sides of the box completely.

Now there are two Russia's oldest center of lacquer miniature painting, they are villages of Fedoskino and Palekh, located to the north from Moscow. Lacquer boxes are usually signed with the village name, year of production and the name of the artist. The exquisite, highly detailed miniatures are called "small miracles" and they are on a great demand among the collectors throughout the world.

Today is the calendar first spring day and looking at flower lacquer miniatures I am hoping to see soon flowers, butterflies, birds, insects in my garden!  
Have you before known about lacquer miniatures? Do you have any of lacquer boxes or brooches at your home?

P.S. click to enlarge the image.