Sunday, March 29, 2020

The End of March: A Shore of the Baltic Sea

It's spring, late March, the snow melted long ago, although the leaves have not yet grown. The sea is quiet, as if woke up and enjoys the warmth after winter. Large smooth stones, polished by sea waves, are warm under the spring sun.

It seems as if the stones were rolling towards the shore, but were stopped by some force. Amazing views.

Dark wet tree trunks seem to be frames for pictures. A few boats and yachts were visible on the pier; perhaps the sea season is not yet open. I had been sitting for an hour on warm stones, enjoying the spring sun.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Spring, March and Indoor Flowers

My garden woke up and surprised me with very early shoots. New flowers popped in the warmest places. I took photos to show you such long-awaited sprouts - 2020. This is a new spring, nature comes to life. The yesterday's snow melted and today is sunny weather. Small bulbs in icy soil begin to sprout.

 Leucojum vernum



Young shoots of tulip leaves boldly pop through the solid soil and last year's grass and leaves. Even snow that falls down at nights and cold wind doesn't stop their growth.


a rose under covering


Hyacinths are the most frost-resistant spring flowers. Their buds well withstand cold. I really like their pleasant and slightly strong smell, especially when blooming hyacinths are in the room.

 daffodil tazetta indoor forced

Forcing daffodils is not a difficult task and after 4-5 months in a cool place daffodils sprouted. I moved the pot to a warm room and now bright yellow daffodils decorate it.

I usually keep calla bulbs in a cool place of the house during the winter. But this winter was so warm that even in the corridor it was not cool enough therefore calla bulbs sprouted in March. I planted the sprouting calla bulbs in a large pot and placed them near the window. The plant gave 4 white calla flowers.



Happy spring and stay safe and healthy during this time of epidemic.

Here is my video about the Gardens of Tulips, the Netherlands:

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Women's Day, March 8

Dear ladies! I wish you joy and happiness, love and health.

Happy Women's day with your loved ones and families!
'An embodiment of strength, compassion and wisdom. A fearless soul. 
A healer, a teacher, a friend and a pillar. 
She is a woman! International Women's Day is here!'
                                              by nlqc

My orchid Dendrobium has bloomed, the flowers have a subtle smell.

White tulips were forced in winter.