Friday, November 23, 2018

When Cacti Bloom

It is said that cacti bloom very rarely. Suddenly, I discovered small yellow flowers on my Mammillaria cacti. 
The Mammillaria cacti varieties that thrive as houseplants are the easiest to grow. They need a cooling period to promote blooming. 
Here are funnel shaped Mammillaria flowers in yellow, but they may be in pink, red, green and white. The different Mammillaria varieties have spines, that look like hairy or woolly ones and are either stiff or soft and in a range of colors. 

I can not actually say what the cause was to push cacti in bloom. There were no special conditions for their growth and flowering. Perhaps, I think this hot summer weather has so affected the cacti.

They suddenly started to bloom after I had planted little cuttings in small plastic cups. I disliked that Mammillarias were growing as woolly balls with a lot of cuttings which have fallen time to time on a windowsill.

Have you had the similar experience in cacti growing? When have they started to bloom?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wordless Wednesday: Farewell, Autumn!

Autumn was too short season here, but it was bright, golden-yellow as a 'firebird' from the Russian fairy tale (read Lacquer miniature ). Bye, autumn!

My video: Birds in my garden

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Recollection of Warm Days

There are a lot of things to recollect the summer -18. It was hot, sunny, with rare rains, plentiful in flowers, greenness, fruit. There were days of travel on the Baltic sea and even weeks of Admiral butterfly invasion in my garden.

Lots of impressions of the visits to parks, museums, cities, discovering a something new.

Crab-apple trees, canna, roses, the garden after the rain, rainbow, bee houses, my new greenhouse, a joy of the fine weather in our Northern area. This summer was really nice after the wet, cold, rainy summers of previous years.

The summer's gone, the autumn comes to its end, it's a busy season. What was interesting for you this summer?