Brush and Paints

I started to paint about 30 years ago. I took the lessons in the studio, but not many. At first my works were for studio, I drew in pencil, ink, watercolor, tempera and oil paints.
I liked to paint still life, landscapes and flowers. My works are not professional, I'm only the amateur painter.  
So do not judge me strictly!

I want to show you some of my works of the past years, from 1983 to 2004.

Here are the landscapes:

  1. 'A summer cottage', tempera, paper
  2. 'The birches', oil paint on cardboard
  3. 'The pine trees in the dunes', oil paint on cardboard
  4. 'A beach of the Gulf of Finland after the storm', watercolor on paper

The still life:

  1. 'The first spring leaves', tempera, paper
  2. 'A wooden spoon and a jug', tempera, paper
  3. 'Still life with a carpet', watercolor on paper
  4. 'Still life with a white tablecloth', oil paint on cardboard
  5. 'The wild mushrooms and flowers', watercolor on paper


  1. 'A withered bouquet of lilacs', tempera, paper
  2. 'The wild flowers in a jar', watercolor on paper
  3. 'The rose on my birthday', tempera, paper
  4. 'Lilacs in the ceramic vase', tempera, paper
  5. 'Nasturtiums and apples', watercolor on paper
  6. 'A white peony', tempera, paper
  7. 'Chrysanthemum in the blue vase', oil paint on cardboard


  1. Beautiful paintings, I love them all :-)

    1. Helene, I appreciate you opinion, although I know these are my amateur works.

  2. Очень интересные картины. Чувствуется некая экспрессия... И какая-то наивность, что придаёт картинам большего обаяния! Здорово, мне очень нравится. Я стала Вашим читателем!

    1. Экспрессия и наивность... Ну, вам виднее! Спасибо!

  3. Wow beautiful! I really love 'The wild flowers on the jar' and the rose/ You are so talented.

    1. It was many years ago, Endah! Thank you!

  4. I did not know you paint! These are really pretty. You have so many beautiful flowers to use as models for future paintings.

    1. Yes, I do this, Mary Anne. My flowers are the best models.

  5. I have not looked here before and I am surprised to see your sensitive paintings. They are lovely, Nadezda. I especially like A Summer Cottage; A Beach of the Gulf of Finland after Storm; A Wooden Spoon and a Jug; The Wildflowers in a Jar; Nasturtiums and Apples.
    Do you paint these days? I would like to learn, but I am too busy with many other activities.

    1. Thank you Betty! Unfortunately I don't paint now. Why? I think I have no that mood that is needed to paint, sorry.


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