Thursday, February 8, 2024

Winter Poem


The short midwinter days are here,
The nights are frosty now and chill—
The solemn midnight of the year—
The snow lies deep on vale and hill.
No longer runs the stream let nigh,
The ice has bound its waters fast;
An Arctic wind is sweeping by,
The bare trees shiver in the blast.


The icy northern blast sweeps by,
From wild wastes of the Arctic snow;
Above us drops a wintry sky,
A bleak white landscape lies below.

But, 'neath the chilly Polar blast,
A low, sweet undertone I hear:
"The wintry storms will soon be past,
And pleasant Spring-time days are near." 

By Ellwood Roberts (January 22, 1846 - January 30, 1921), he was an American poet and genealogist.


  1. A fine poem that very aptly describes the season. Spring will indeed soon be here.

  2. It's a beautiful poem, Nadezda. I'm tired of this winter, and I long for spring! Hugs.

  3. È una bella poesia. Le fotografie sono davvero invernali! Quanta neve!

    Buona serata!

    1. David, Marit, Anemone, Gabriel thank you for your comments, glad you liked this poem. It describes well the weather we have here now.

  4. A beautiful poem and lovely photos, Nadezda!
    Our landscape looks like yours, much snow, frost and sunshine.
    Have a happy weekend!

  5. Boa tarde de sexta-feira e bom final de semana. Poema maravilhoso, minha querida amiga Nadezda. Não sei como meu corpo reagiria com neve e frio.

  6. Precioso poema y espectaculares fotos. Abrazos

  7. Replies
    1. Dear Sara, Luiz, Lola, Sue thank you and I'm glad you like this poem by Ellwood Roberts. Hugs.

  8. Hi Nadezda, beautiful poem and fantastic photos.
    Such wonderful and magic landscapes, snow has a very special charm.

  9. Preciosas imágenes y poesía. Abrazos.

  10. A beautiful poem because it carries in its words the promise of spring, which I am looking forward to!
    Your wonderful winter photos are a perfect illustration of the poem.
    Hugs and greetings!

    1. Dear Maria, Teresa, Anita I'm glad you liked this poem and how my photos illustrated it.

  11. Que bonito lo has dicho Nadezda... Así es amiga los agradables días de primavera están cercan. Pero aún nos queda un poco de frío que pasar. Las fotos son preciosas con esos rayos dorados.
    Buena semana.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Estoy de acuerdo, Laura. Los dias de primavera son agradables. Espero que mas pronto llegue.

  12. Muito bonito.
    Haja roupa para enfrentar esse frio.
    Bom final de semana.

  13. Excelente elección la de ese poema, para acompañar tan lindas fotografías, y una muestra más, de que la Cultura y el Arte no entiende de política, y une a los pueblos.
    Un abrazo,apreciada amiga.

    1. Tienes razón manuel. La cultura y el arte siguen vivos. Abrazos.

  14. Надежда Семёновна, великолепные пейзажи. Солнечный свет делает эту холодную и строгую красоту волшебной. И дарит надежду на пробуждение от сна. Как в стихотворении Вероники Тушновой:
    Когда январским лесом прохожу я
    и он молчит,
    в стоцветных блестках сплошь,
    одно я повторяю, торжествуя:
    «А все-таки ты скоро оживёшь!»
    И стихотворение, которое Вы приводите, о том же.

    1. Людмила, рада видеть вас в этом блоге. Красивое стихотворение, не знала, познакомилась. Ждем весну.


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