Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The unusual, fantastic landscape

I was surprised by the unusual, fantastic landscape of The Lanu Sculpture Park when I traveled to Finland and visited the city of Lahti

 Lahti is considered to be the gateway to the Lakeland Finland. The waterway which stretches from Lake Vesijarvi gives an opportunity to get to the central Finland.

During the summer hiking and biking trips amateurs enjoy the beauty of nature parks. 

In The Lanu Sculpture Park (area 20 ha) I met with the work of the Finnish sculptor Professor Olavi Lanu, his twelve medium sculptures installed in 1992.

   Olavi Lanu created his sculptures using natural materials such as stone and concrete, tree trunks and branches of trees, mosses and lichens. 

   Arboretum is the tree nursery. There are many kinds of plant species grow of Southern Finland zone. These are willows, oaks, pine, spruce and birch with dark red leaves, maples and lindens. It also presents lilies of the valley, Solomon's seals, primroses and mosses.

   I’ve been enjoying the journey and the beauty of nature combined with the stone sculptures and lakes.  

Watch my videos about Lanu Sculpture Park made in 2012 and 2016:


  1. What a lovely, serene setting. I'm not normally a fan of sculpture, but I do like those. They are so natural looking - seem to harmonize with the surroundings rather than contrast.

  2. Those sculptures are fabulous. I love that he used natural material. It really makes a difference - they look like they belong there.

  3. How very interesting!! I really liked this park! Thx for posting.


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