Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The hardiest rhododendron

March, the calendar spring is now. But the snow still lies, condenses at night and melts during the day. I wait for changes in the garden.The titmouse arrived, asking to eat. They love nuts.

   I wanted to see how my plants are there; looked under snow cover and saw green and healthy leaves of evergreen rhododendrons. 
   One of them is "Helsinki University" grown in the Finnish nursery, is one of the hardiest, up to -25F. So these rhododendrons do not require any cover from the frost, only from the snow breakup.
   There were a lot of branches with flower buds in the fall, they’ll bloom in May. The cover ensures that the snow won’t break the plant branches.
   "Helsinki University"  blossoms with large, pink-purple flowers, opens buds one by one, within 2-3 weeks.
The bush looks beautiful, adorns our garden and I want to enjoy and to take its photos. 
Watch my 2 videos about my rhododendrons:


  1. Your rhododendron is so beautiful, Nadezda! I love the bright flower color and the foliage looks so healthy. It is a very happy plant - you must take good care of it.

    1. thank you, Spruge! I love it too and take care very much.

  2. What a beautiful Rhododendron. I love the things and it is always nice to find out about the hardy ones. How did you get those birds to eat out of your hand. How wonderful!

    1. Lona, these bird do not afraid me, I always feed them when I'm at the summer house. Thank you1

  3. Надежда!
    Все о твоей любви:
    Вы, ваш блог, сообщения, фотографии!
    Все очень красиво!
    Rhododendron будет замечательно.

    1. Thank you, Lucia!My rhododendron was blooming so pretty this spring.


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